Hall Rental


  • Maximum Occupancy: 225 people

  • Parking spaces (handicapped in front of hall entrance); designated parking across the street in field. No parking on Community Church grassy area.


  • Weekdays and Weekends, if available

  • Times are negotiable based on availability

  • The Henry C. Warrington Memorial Hall is available on a first come first serve basis, so long as the date does not conflict with an event planned for the fire company or community related function. The Memorial Hall can be reserved up to twelve (12) months in advance.


  • Area: 3,600 Square feet

  • Tables: 25 round (accommodate 8-10 persons); 5 large rectangular; and 4 mini rectangular

  • Chairs: 225

  • Full Kitchen - limited, if any, cooking access for hall rental patrons

  • Large Restrooms

  • Caterer Available

Equipment Available:

  • Included - Cable TV Access; Internet Access; Overhead Projector Access (limited and when available), Overhead Screen Access, telephone access, Microphone Speaker.

  • Additional Fees Required - Podium, and LCD Projector

Caterers Available:

  • To be determined.


  • Activity or decorations that could damage the facility are not permitted. Examples of activities that are not allowed include: taping, nailing, stapling, screws, fasteners, or thumb tacking of decorations or signs to any wall, door or ceiling. No smoke machines, open flame devices, lighters, etc.

To Hold Date:

  • Contact representative to check availability and receive a contract. To hold a date, the contract must be completed, security deposit included, and the full payment prior to commencement of event. Hall Rentals start at $600/day + $200 refundable security deposit

View Hall Rental Calendar - http://irvfc.com/hallrentalcalendar.cfm.