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Thursday, January 3, 2019
Lt. Jason M. Faulkner, Sr. Contributes the Gift Of Life..


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Lt. Jason M. Faulkner, Sr.

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Lt. Jason M. Faulkner, Sr. Contributes the Gift Of Life..


Indian River’s Lt. Jason M. Faulkner contributes the Gift of Life and turns tragedy into triumph.

Every person deals with tragedy differently and it has been said “… Every day is the gift of life...”

Nothing will take the pain away for the Faulkner Family; however, knowing that Jason and this terrible tragedy has made a difference for someone is a wonderful thing and will be a comforting tool for the families!

Jason became an organ donor!

Commentary from the organ recipient’s family.  “…I would like to thank everyone for the calls and texts, they have certainly helped! Now that things are well underway, we want to give everyone an update with exactly what’s going on….

As some may know, my Dad, has been on dialysis for over two years suffering from end stage kidney failure. He was deemed a viable candidate and placed on the organ (kidney) transplant list a while back.  While we waited patiently for that day to possibly come for an organ transplant -- Yesterday morning (01/01/2019) while enjoying family time at our beach home in Sussex County, Delaware, the call finally came, however with an unexpected and devastating twist.

 We received a call from a long-time family friend asking for my dad’s blood type and transplant coordinator’s name and number.   We were stunned and not having any clue as to why she would ask, she broke the devastating news of her brother, Jason Faulkner Sr.

Our families are both long time members of the Delaware Fire Service and you either know the person or know someone that knows them. We knew Jason well, his sister and my wife are best friends and have been since childhood.  We grew up together in New Castle County and ironically we just spent last previous Saturday night together with the families. 

We would see Jason often at parties or fire service functions throughout the year.   Completely stunned and fighting through disbelief, we started getting the needed information together.   My parents rushed back home to New Castle County from the beach to begin a sequence of tests to determine just how much of a longshot this would be.   Just after 9:30 p.m. last night (01/01/2019), the waiting was over, Jason’s Gift of Life to my dad was a match and was humbly accepted. Just after 12:00 this afternoon (01/02/2019), Dad was wheeled back to the operating room to begin his journey and new lease on life in honor of Jason and his family.

We cannot begin to tell you the flood of emotions the last 36 hours has given us, but it cannot be compared to the sorrow Jason’s family has and will continue to endure especially over the next few days, months, and years. Jason spent most of his life serving his community and country, as a U.S. Marine, Firefighter, and 911 Dispatcher. Now in death, as an organ donor, his gifts will continue to impact so many others, just like they have us.  May God Bless him and may he rest in peace.

Please say a prayer for his family and ours, we both could use them through these trying times.”

As many know, Delaware is a small state and many people know each other especially in the fire service from one end of the state to the other and can name family members and relatives of many statewide.  These two families routinely encountered each other throughout the year on a number of occasions.

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