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Thursday, October 11, 2018
Fire Prevention Instructional Program - Lullaby Learning Center


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Addy learns how to stay down low and crawl to her escape plan

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Addy enjoys a firefighter's helmit.

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Thursday October, 11 2018

Nature: Fire Prevention instruction Program - Lullaby Learning Center

Address:  Harbeson, DE  


As many schools and other educational institutions teach and practice fire safety this month, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company chooses to highlight a given daycare that exemplifies the teaching of fire prevention safety and awareness to it’s children.

The Lullaby Learning Center in Harbeson, Delaware takes fire prevention seriously and has developed an instructional program to enhance fire prevention and safety awareness topics to its children each day this week.  This institution enhanced their teachings with practical and interactive hands-on exercises to help develop children learn about fire prevention and safety tips while having fun.

Earlier in the week, their respective fire department attended the daycare and offered practical advise and lessons to the children and the staff has continued their exercises.  Illustrated are some photographs of these exercises that have been pursued while teaching fire prevention.

(1)    An instructional exercise with a spray bottle, doll house, and verbal instruction on the whats and hows;

(2)    An instructional exercise highlighting the importance of getting down low, crawling and following your escape plan when your house is on fire;

(3)    An instructional exercise to familiarize children with a firefighter’s equipment and gear; and

(4)    A photographic journal remitted to each parent highlighting their children’s participation in the day’s activities.

Congratulations to Lullaby Learning Center for such innovative and educational instructional programs while teaching fire prevention awareness.

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