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Thursday, May 9, 2024
Indian River Firefighters Achieve Certifications - Firefighter Frontal Shields


Chrissy Correll and Todd Selby

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Firefighter Selby & Chief Deery

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Damian D'Avanzo

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Logan Johnson - Firefighter 1

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Chris Kinsler - Firefighter I

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Ken Parsons - Firefighter 1

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Chrissandra Correll - Firefighter II

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Damian D'Avanzo - Firefighter iI

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Justin Mader - Firefighter II

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Leah Mader - Firefighter II

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Dasia Stoneroad - Firefighter II

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Indian River Firefighters Achieve Certifications & Frontal Shields

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company announces that twelve (12) firefighters have completed specific training requirements to achieve their Firefighter 1 and/or Firefighter 2 certifications administered by the Delaware State Fire School (DSFS) standards.

Each firefighter will be presented a specific colored frontal shield to highlight their achievements.  The firefighter helmet / frontal shield color generally signifies the firefighter's rank and capabilities within the company.  Firefighters of each department know the meaning of their department’s helmet colors. It will be part of their training because it plays a pivotal role in knowing who is in charge on the fireground and can impact their plan of attack.

These frontal shields represent all the knowledge, skills, and abilities via training such as:

  1.  Black Shield – Interior Firefighter with Basic Firefighter Skills, Structural Firefighter Skills, Hazardous Materials Response Skills, Vehicle Rescue Response Skills, CPR/AED Certification, and Emergency Vehicle Operators Course – all of which encompasses 120 hours at the Delaware State Fire School as well as additional hours of in-service company training.

  2. Red Shield – Exterior Firefighter represents the achievement of the same educational curriculum; however, the firefighter is considered a Junior Member being less than 18 years of age.

Illustrated below are firefighters that have fulfilled educational requirements to meet specified certification requirements such as:

  • Delaware Firefighter Fire 1 Certifications are completion of Basic Firefighter Skills and Structural Firefighter Skills / Fire I OR Pro-Board /IFSAC - Firefighter 1

    • Johnson, Logan 

    • Kinsler, Christopher - Black Shield

    • Parsons, Kenneth - Black Shield

    • Tilton, Thomas - Black Shield

  • Delaware Firefighter 2 Certifications are completion of Delaware Firefighter 1 plus Hazardous Material Response Skills, Vehicle Rescue / Fire II OR Pro-Board / IFSAC Firefighter II 

    • Correll, Chrissandra - Red Shield 

    • D'Avanzo, Damian - Black Shield 

    • Longo, Erin - Black Shield

    • Mader, Justin - Black Shield

    • Mader, Leah - Black Shield

    • Selby, B. Todd - Black Shield

    • Stoneroad, Dasia - Black Shield

    • Sullivan, Michael - Black Shield

The Officers of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hereby congratulate these firefighters on these achievements.