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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Indian River Announces Welcome Wednesday - Guest Speaker Forum


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The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company in collaboration with the Indian Mission Church announces its “Welcome Wednesday – Guest Speaker Forum” to offer a community outreach campaign to directly engage and inform our community on a variety of topics.  This initiative is intended to create a channel for input and feedback while providing a valuable information resource for our community residents.

This public outreach campaign will be unique as the community we involve. These forums are far from “one size fits all.” The forum topics that we will consider will reach each segment of our community, how our citizens interact, what type of outreach is needed and what is most informative to these constituents. More importantly, we are trying to understand our community residents.

These organizations currently offer various components of an outreach campaign which includes but not limited to: informational website; public meetings; community involvement; banners and marquees; brochures; direct mailings; promotional items; branding; social media; TV/radio interviews; press releases; and the list goes on. 

Often, a public outreach campaign includes a mix of all the above items. The key to success is engaging residents to get a full view of the community and its concerns. While it may be assumed that not every single person can be engaged, a defined strategy to make the most of your time and efforts can yield amazing results.

Indian River intends to use this public outreach campaign to inform, educate, and get buy-in for our primary purpose to protect and serve our community.

Therefore, our inaugural “Welcome Wednesday Event” will be February 21, 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Main Station on Oak Orchard Road, Millsboro, Delaware. 

Additional information will be forthcoming regarding the “Welcome Wednesday Event.”