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Saturday, December 16, 2023
Firefighting Family Legacy Continues with 4th Generation at Indian River


Chief Hayden Klingler, Firefighter Ala Crossan & Lieutenant Jacob Klingler

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Firefighter Candidate Crossan @ Basic Firefighter Training

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Firefighter Candidate Crossan @ Structural Firefighter Training Evolutions

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Firefighting Family Legacy Continues with 4th Generation at Indian River


Recently, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company accepted a fourth-generation firefighter, Ala Crossan, amongst its ranks.  Ala is the granddaughter of our Fire Chief Hayden Klingler.

Chief Klingler first suited up at Holloway Terrance in New Castle, Delaware in 1968 and was not aware of the impact his volunteerism would have on future generations of his family.  Hayden later joined the Christiana Fire Company in 1978 before joining Indian River in 2005.

Hayden’s two daughters, Tiffany, followed in his footsteps by joining the Christiana Fire Company and became a firefighter and Shannon joined the Wilmington Manor Fire Company as an administrative officer.

Hayden’s grandchildren, Jacob and Ala, also followed their grandfather’s lead by ultimately becoming affiliated with the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company.  Jacob joined Indian River in 2017 and is currently serves as a Lieutenant with Indian River.  Ala, joined Indian River as a Junior Firefighter in 2022 and has recently fulfilled her Delaware State Fire School Training requirements to be an active firefighter.

Although, the first two generations volunteered at different fire companies, Hayden still cherishes the memories and chances to work together especially during times of training while extending knowledge to the younger volunteers.  Later this month, Chief Klingler will officially step down as Chief of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and will assume responsibilities as Chief Engineer in January 2024.

Ala as the 4th generation firefighter is proud to follow her Chief Klingler's footstep and is excited to provide a valuable community service and cherishes the ability to work with her grandfather.