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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Local News – Area Fire Departments Face Damage from Rock-Throwing Incident


Fire Departments Face Damage from Rock-Throwing Incident

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Fire Departments Face Damage from Rock-Throwing Incident

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Fire Departments Face Damage from Rock-Throwing Incident

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Ellendale truck damaged by rock throwers while responding to call in Greenwood Monday night / Image courtesy Ellendale VFC

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Local News – Area Fire Departments Face Damage from Rock-Throwing Incident

SUSSEX COUNTY, De. -- In an unusual and troubling incident, the Ellendale (75) and Bridgeville (72) volunteer fire companies found themselves targeted by vandals while responding to a call. The Farmington (47) and Seaford (87) volunteer fire companies also took damage to their engines.

All of this happened as those fire companies, along with the Greenwood (78) Volunteer Fire Company were on their way to put out an active fire -

A fire ignited at the maintenance building of the New Process Fibre Company around 8 P.M. on Monday (11/13/23), drawing an immediate and collaborative response from multiple agencies. The incident required a coordinated effort to bring the flames under control.

No injuries were reported, and emergency responders worked quickly to contain the blaze. The Delaware State Fire Marshal, after a preliminary assessment, estimates that the fire resulted in damages totaling approximately $100,000.

"Looking at the conditions, obviously the structure is a total loss," said Mark Anderson, Deputy Chief for the Greenwood Fire Company. "But, still under investigation, waiting for the Fire Marshal's office to make a determination on what actually caused that fire."

Behind the wheel for Bridgeville on the way to that Greenwood fire was Brent Workman, who described the shocking turn of events.

"Got up to the post office, heard this big bang, we both looked at each other and said, 'What in the world was that?' I downshifted gears, and we went on the scene," said Workman.

It wasn't until the smoke and flames had cleared over in Greenwood that the Bridgeville Fire Company assessed the extent of the damage. For the Ellendale Volunteer Fire Co., a very similar situation.

"It was dark out, and on the way through the town of Greenwood, there was an incident that happened where rocks were thrown at some of our apparatus," said Jay Jones, Public Information Officer for the Ellendale Fire Co.

The rocks left one fire engine's windshield with a solid crack and two dents in another. Despite the damage, both companies expressed their determination to continue using these engines. Responding to emergencies, they emphasized, usually does not involve navigating flying rocks.

"You know, we go to help people, and something like that happens," said Workman. "Something is wrong with society today, throwing rocks at a fire truck with lights on."

Jones said rocks being thrown adds stress to an already difficult situation.

"You're always cautious with what's going on, but going to an emergency event that we know is an active live fire, that's a big deal, multiple companies are involved so of course emotions and stuff are high," said Jones.

The Seaford Volunteer Fire Company also fell victim to the senseless act, albeit with less severe consequences. Their damage included a small crack on an emergency light and a nick on the driver's side door. The Farmington Volunteer Fire Company reportedly had an engine damaged as well, but attempts to reach them for comment were unsuccessful.

Both Bridgeville and Ellendale said they are not sure yet how much it will cost to make repairs. However, both companies did say it could take weeks to get new windshields installed.

Anyone with information on these incidents should contact the Greenwood Police Department (302) 349-4822 or SUSCOM non-emergency at (302) 855-2980 or Crime Stoppers at 800-847-3333.

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