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Saturday, November 4, 2023
Area Firefighters train with live fire burn evolutions in Milton


Local firefighters practiced firefighting skills at the home. LEWES FIRE DEPARTMENT PHOTOS

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Smoke continues to rise after the fire was extinguished.

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Firefighters battled the fire inside and outside.

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An abandoned home is set on fire Nov. 4 in Milton for a training exercise.

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Saturday November, 4 2023

Nature: Area Firefighters train with live fire burn evolutions in Milton


An abandoned home is utilized for firefighter training evolutions over the weekend in Milton.

Local firefighters from Milton (85), Lewes (82), Indian River (80), Memorial (89) and other nearby mutual aid companies, honed their firefighting skills Nov. 4, with a training exercise hosted by Milton Fire Department Inc.

An abandoned home on Front Street near Cave Neck Road was set on fire and used for firefighters to practice various interior firefighting skills and work with the mutual aid departments that typically respond to working incidents, officials said. The firefighters and mutual aid company members also participated with the burn team, which ensures realistic but safe training fires, as well as apparatus operators, who maintained an adequate water supply for the day’s training activities.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company expresses its appreciation for the invitation from Milton Fire Company.

Illustrated herewith are a few photographs of the day’s events..