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Saturday, October 28, 2023
Pedestrian Safety is a Top Priority


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October is Pedestrian Safety Month.

The number of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes are of significant concern in the State of Delaware. 

The campaign is targeted to both pedestrians and drivers.  For pedestrians, the goal is to encourage everyone to do the following:

  • Never dart out. Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections when possible.  This is where drivers expect pedestrians.

  • Take your time to cross. If a crosswalk or intersection is not available, locate a well-lit area and wait for a gap in traffic that allows you enough time to cross safely. Continue to watch traffic as you cross.

  • Walk on sidewalks whenever they are available. Walk on the shoulder facing traffic if no sidewalk is available.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. They impair your judgment and coordination.

Always keep an eye out for pedestrians. Pedestrians may be walking where they should not be or may be hard to see—especially in poorly lit conditions, including dusk/dawn/night and poor weather.

  • Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. They may be stopped for a crossing pedestrian.

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

  • Nighttime visibility is one of the most important pedestrian safety issues. The majority of pedestrian fatalities occur between 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.  So the campaign will include events to encourage the public to carry a flashlight and wear reflective materials when walking at night or early morning when it is dark.

Please walk bright and walk smartly by wearing bright clothes, carrying a flashlight, and being aware when crossing Delaware’s busy roads!