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Friday, October 13, 2023
Haunted Trails - Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay / Holly Lake Campsites


Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay - Haunted Trail Event

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Holly Lake Campsites - Haunted Hay Ride Event

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Friday October, 13 2023

Nature: Haunted Trails

  • Location: Sun  Outdoors Rehoboth Bay  (formerly Massey’s Landing Campground)

  • Location:  Holly Lake Campsites

On Friday evening October 13th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company provided a standby crew and/or fire police assistance for the campground entities within the Indian River Fire District to operate Haunted Trail or Haunted Hay Ride fundraiser for their various charitable purposes. 

  1. Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay announced its haunted trail will be open to the public from 7 to 10 p.m., Saturdays, Oct. 14th; however due to inclement weather it was changed to Friday, October 13th.

  2. Holly Lake Campsite hosted its haunted trail commence on Friday, October 13th. However due to the inclement weather it was cancelled on Saturday, October 14th  

Guests will enjoy an eerie adventure along a winding haunted trail extending through the resort and into the pines. Thrill seekers will find creepy characters ready to spook unsuspecting passersby. This year’s trail has all new decorations and surprises celebrating all things Halloween.

Additional information may be viewed via the following Facebook pages:

These events are also scheduled for Saturday October 21st and 28th.