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Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Indian River Recognizes Years of Service Milestones


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Indian River Recognizes Years of Service Milestones

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hosted its Firefighter & Ladies Auxiliary Appreciation Banquet to acknowledge and thank its volunteers which included but not limited to Board of Directors, Administrative Officers, Fire Line officers, etc.

The phenomenal success of this fire company is truly a reflection of the ever-increasing volunteerism, dedication, and enthusiasm of the membership team over the past years. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every volunteer for their contribution of time over the past years as a volunteer with these organizations – fire company and ladies auxiliary. We know that you have expended a great deal of personal effort in serving this organization and are greatly appreciative of your volunteerism.

Our resounding success was not a small undertaking and couldn’t have done without you!  Therefore, on behalf of the Board of Directors, and Officers of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company, we would like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt “Thank You” and recognize you with these years of service milestones.

  • Honorable Mention - 68 Years of Service

    • Irvin W. Moore, Sr.

  • 60 Years of Service

    • Leon W. Hall

  • 45 Years of Service

    • Daniel W. Warrington

  • 35 Years of Service

    • Robert G. Cleveland

  • 25 Years of Service

    • Brian P. Hubbs

    • Michael S. Kernan

    • Barbara J. Layton

  • 20 Years of Service

    • Jacob D. Adams

    • Sheila A. Ferraro

  • 15 Years of Service

    • Carol J. Messina

    • Raymond H. Perry

  • 10 Years of Service

    • John P. Dunstan

    • Cody A. Levis

    • Robert D. Mills

    • Charles P. Morton

    • Richard Robbins

  • 5 Years of Service

    • Roxanne M. Bammer

    • Jarrett C. Burger

    • Michael A. Davis, Sr.

    • Chase T. Holden

    • Jacob D. Klingler

    • Robert C. Marmor

    • Bernard “Bernie” Nutter

    • Deon Perez

    • Caitlyn M. Sekcienski

    • Thomas J. Tilton

  • 1 Year of Service

    • Jonathan P. Arbeene

    • Hailie Barnes

    • Thomas Charles

    • Eric Comley

    • Harold Harmon, Jr.

    • Kenneth Parsons

    • Todd Selby

    • Anthony M. Smith