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Saturday, May 14, 2022
Fire Prevention Activities - Sun Outdoors - Rehoboth Bay (formerly Massey's Landing)


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Saturday May, 14 2022

Nature: Fire Prevention Presentation – Massey’s Landing

Location: Sun Outdoors – Rehoboth Bay formerly The Resort @ Massey’s Landing


On Saturday, May 14th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was invited to provide an opportunity advancing fire prevention and overall safety awareness.  The event was held inside dur to the inclement weather and limited to information distribution and discussion with patrons.

Illustrated herewith are photographs of the event.

Indian River hereby expresses its appreciation to Sun Outdoors – Rehoboth Bay for hosting such an event.



RV Fire Safety and Lifesaving Fire Prevention Tips

  • Fire safety checklist will help guide you to safety:

  • Get everybody OUT of the RV and safely away from the fire. Get to a meeting place to muster.

  • If it is a small fire and you can extinguish it without putting yourself in danger, put it out with a fire extinguisher.

  • If it is too big of a fire or coming from an unknown source, GET OUT! Don’t risk your safety.

  • Never re-enter a burning RV to retrieve anything! GET OUT & STAY OUT!

  • Call 911! Be aware, know that cell service may be limited in your location. Plan ahead in case of emergency like this.

  • Know your exact location so firefighters and first responders can find you. If you’re in a campground, it’s wise to write the address and campsite number on a piece of paper and keep it by the door. Take a photo of it using your smartphone.