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Saturday, April 23, 2022
Enhanced Threat for Fire Spread Cautionary Message


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Enhanced Threat for Fire Spread Cautionary Message

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company offers this cautionary measure to increase fire prevention and safety awareness.

The combination of lower humidity values, breezy conditions, and drying fine fuels will lead to an enhanced threat for fire spread across portions of eastern Delaware and eastern Maryland. Relative humidity values are forecast to drop into the 20s to around 30 percent, while winds will gust out of the northwest around 20 to 25 mph at times.

Residents are urged to exercise caution handling any potential ignition source, including machinery, cigarettes, and matches. Be sure to properly discard all smoking materials. Any dry grasses and tree litter that ignites will have the potential to spread fire quickly.

For more information about wildfire danger, burn restrictions, and wildfire prevention and education, please visit your state forestry or environmental protection website. 

Additional information may be obtained by viewing the following website: