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Sunday, March 20, 2022
Safety Tips for Proper Disposal of Smoking Materials & Ashes


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Chief Hayden Klingler offer safety tips.

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Indian River Offers Safety Tips for Proper Disposal of Smoking Materials and Ashes


OAK ORCHARD —  Chief Hayden Klingler of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company would like to share this safety message and tips with residents to prevent fires caused by improperly discarded smoking materials and ashes.

As warmer weather approaches, this can often lead to dryer conditions throughout our community and the Improperly disposing smoking materials or fireplace, pellet stove, or woodstove ashes can lead to fires that put you and your neighbors at risk.

Please be sure to review the following tips and call 911 immediately should a fire occur.

  • One of the main causes of such fires is improperly discarded cigarettes or other smoking materials.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company is sharing the following tips regarding smoking materials:

  • Never toss hot cigarette butts or ashes into bushes, leaves, mulch or grassy areas that can easily catch fire.

  • Throwing cigarettes on the ground is considered littering.

  • Fully extinguish cigarettes in an ashtray or a non-combustible container.

  • Soak cigarette butts in water before throwing them away.

  • If smoking inside, do not place ashtrays on combustible surfaces.

Additionally, residents are reminded to always properly dispose of ashes when using a fireplace, pellet stove, and/or woodstove in their home. The following safety tips are courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

  • If possible, allow fireplace ashes and coals to cool in the area of the fire for several days. Chimneys and fire pits are designed to safely contain heat.

  • When it is time to dispose of ashes, transfer them to a metal container and wet them down.

  • Keep the metal container outdoors and away from combustibles.

  • Do not place any other refuse in the can with the ashes.

  • Do not use a combustible container to dispose of ashes.

Lastly, residents are reminded to use caution when using an open flame during adverse weather conditions. Weather that can lead to accidental fires includes notably dry conditions that are coupled with low humidity and strong winds.

These conditions can often lead to a fire hazard warning from the National Weather Service (NWS). If these conditions are present, residents are reminded to be extra careful with any open flames, to properly dispose of smoking materials and to use extra care with any outdoor cooking fires.

Delaware Burn Ban and related laws will commence on May 1. More information, including how to apply for a burn permit, please review the following information: