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Monday, February 28, 2022
IR Recognizes Firefighter of Year - Jacob Klingler


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Indian River Recognizes Firefighter of the Year

The Firefighter of the Year Award is considered an honor within the fire service to recognize an individual for their personal diligence, dedication, professional demeanor and desire to excel beyond the call of duty by not only assisting those in need but attempting to make a difference while performing stellar acts of volunteerism.

Although not an award for heroism, this award is presented to the individual who has given selflessly of themselves in support of the department, the fire service in general and the community.

This nominee was evaluated with attention to the following criteria:

  • Dedication – The individual has demonstrated the highest degree of dedication and participation to activities within their fire department including training, fire response, public education and other fire department operations.

  • Loyalty – The individual has demonstrated an allegiance to their fire service and to its firefighters and officers.  This individual supports other efforts to achieve the goals of the fire service, supports their fire department’s policies and engages in activities aimed at improvements in the department or fire service community.

  • Productivity – This individual has gone beyond normal duties of their position to make visible improvements that have enhanced the department’s ability to reduce fire losses to better serve the community.

  • Professionalism – This individual performs their fire service duties in a manner that exemplifies the competency that reflects the highest standards of the fire service and regularly demonstrates the ability to lead or follow based on the existing circumstances.

After joining the volunteer fire service as a Junior Member, this nominee has attempted to lend a helping hand towards many emergency incidents, committee assignments, as well as attending many activities and vigorously participating in fire school training and professional development programs within the fire company.

This nominee knows it’s a volunteer basis but recognize the human factor and offers compassion and treats every situation as an opportunity to save somebody’s life or protect property with due care and diligence.  This nominee contributes as much time as possible while juggling commitments of job, professional development. Etc.

Therefore, please join the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company in recognizing the 2021 Recipient of the Firefighter of the Year Award as a friend of the fire services – Jacob D. Klingler.

Illustrated herewith is information regarding Jacob's volunteer fire service career:

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