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Friday, February 18, 2022
Washdown (Fuel Spill) Incident - Pep Up - John J. Williams Highway


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Friday February, 18 2022 @ 17:56

Nature: Washdown (Fuel Spill)

Location: Pep Up (80)

Address:  24858 John J Williams Hwy Millsboro, DE 19966


On Friday, February 18th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a washdown assignment associated with a potential fuel spill.  It was reported that approximately 20-25 gallons of gasoline was dispersed amongst the pavement area around the fuel pumps. 

Emergency response units from Indian River included Engine #80-1 from the Long Neck facility and Rescue 80 from the Oak Orchard facility as well as the Delaware State Fire Police.

Emergency response crew assignments included fluid and debris recovery with the application of stay-dry absorbent in order to mitigate the concern.

It appears that fuel was accidentally spilled within the fuel pump area and the facility occupant was less than forthright and attempted to insinuate it was a water leak after attempting to wash away the spilled materials.  The immediate area was clearly indicative of an excessive gasoline product odor and not consistent with the explanation that was being tendered. 

The Delaware State Fire Police coordinated limited access to the area for the duration of the area.

All units were cleared and returned to respective quarters.