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Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Indian River Recognizes Burn Awareness Week


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Indian River Recognizes Burn Awareness Week February 6 thru 12, 2022

Indian River observes Burn Awareness Week, during the first full week in February, as a window of opportunity for organizations to mobilize burn, fire and life safety educators to unite in sharing a common burn awareness and prevention message in our communities.

Join us during this week of February 6-12, 2022 to share awareness with your community on our National Burn Awareness Week (NBAW) 2022 theme, Burning Issues in the Kitchen!

Helpful information to highlight the this year’s theme - Burning Issues in the Kitchen:

  • Splatter Burns – When frying, use a pan lid to prevent splatter burns.

  • Watch Your Stove – Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling or boiling food.  If you leave the kitchen, turn off the stove.

  • Clean Stovetop – Always wipe clean the stove, oven, exhaust fan to prevent grease build-up.

  • Dress Appropriately – Wear short or close fitting sleeves when cooking to avoid burn injury.

  • Monitor Appliance – After cooking, check the kitchen to make sure all burners and other appliances are turned off!

  • Stay Alert – The best time to cook is when you are awake and not drowsy.

  • Keep Children Safe – Have a “kid-free sone” of at least 3 feet (1 meter) around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried.

Delaware State Fire School Shares Safety Tips for Burn Prevention Week

DOVER, Del. - The Delaware State Fire School, in partnership with the American Burn Association (ABA), is raising awareness about the danger of household burns and sharing prevention tips in honor of Burn Prevention Week.

The campaign runs from February 6 through February 12th in partnership with fire and burn educators nationwide, as well as children's hospitals. It aims to provide tools to prevent burns and honor burn victims.

This year's theme is kitchen safety - the most dangerous room in the home. It's goal is especially to protect children, as one-third of household burns occur in children under the age of 15.

Delaware State Fire School Senior Instructor, Mike Lowe, has some tips for keeping you and your kids safe while cooking.

"The big thing in the kitchen is establishing a kid-free zone, letting them know they're not allowed within 3 feet of the stove, or something," Lowe said. "And watching your pot handles, making sure they're turned in on the stove."

The ABA also advises pushing plates far back on the counter where kids can't reach them and setting timers when cooking.

In and outside of the kitchen, Lowe says the key to preventing burns is avoiding distractions and being in a rush. He says to also remember to unplug hot tools when not using them and keeping kids away from electrical outlets.

In the event of a minor burn, Lowe says there is some relief to be found at home.

"The standard answer is run cold water over it for 20 minutes," Lowe said. "A lot of myths out there about applying lotions, applying this, that, gels. That really doesn't work because, if you think about it, if you have a gel-like substance that you put over a burn, that's keeping the heat inside of your skin."

He says it's important to seek medical help if a burn is more severe.

Visit the ABA website (    to learn more about Burn Awareness Week and get involved by downloading their social media graphics.