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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
After the fire incident, the rebuilding begins...


Fire Marshal investigation continues

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WRDE News interviews Chief Hayden Klingler

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Nature:  After the fire incident, the investigation process continues and rebuilding begins...

A residential structure fire can cause serious damage. Your home and many of your personal belongings may be badly damaged by flames, heat, smoke, and water.

You will find things not damaged by the fire may still be impacted by smoke and may be soggy with water used to put out the fire. Anything you want to salvage or reuse will need to be carefully cleaned.

To suppress the fire, firefighters may have broken windows and cut holes in the roof. This slows the fire’s growth and gets rid of dark smoke that makes it hard for firefighters to see. They may have cut holes in your walls to make sure that the fire is completely out and not hidden in the walls.  These activities are crucial to the suppression and investigative process to identify the cause of the incident.

It is important to understand the risk to your safety and health even after the fire is out. The soot and dirty water residue may contain things that could make you sick. Be very careful if you go into your home and if you touch any fire-damaged items. 

After the fire, the remediation and restoration just begins, fire restoration may involve things like of property board up, demolition and reconstruction on top of tasks such as debris, odor and soot removal, contents cleaning and working to remove any disturbed hazards such as lead and asbestos, etc.

Fire damage restoration is the act of cleaning and restoring property as well as personal belongings that have sustained smoke or fire damage. The goal of fire damage restoration services is to salvage damaged items and restore your home so that it can once again be inhabited.

In terms of the Shoppes of Long Neck incident, the property owner(s) have commenced with retaining contractors to perform these remediation and restoration services which may included but not limited to:

  • Salvage and recovery

  • Smoke and water extraction

  • Inspection, testing and assessment

  • Structural cleaning and restoration

  • Contents cleaning and restoration

  • Odor control and eradication

  • Demolition and/or reconstruction

Illustrated herewith are information updates regarding this incident.

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