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Monday, December 13, 2021
Vehicle Accident w/Medics - Entrapment - Mount Joy Road


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Fluids from ruptured tanks on trucks

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Partial incident clean up

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DNREC Hazardous Materials Unit

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Monday December, 13 2021 @ 08:01

Nature: Vehicle Accident w/Medics - Reported Entrapment

Location: 28799 Mount Joy Rd Millsboro, DE 19966


On Monday morning, December 13th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a vehicle accident on Mount Joy Road involving two dump trucks and a trash truck with reported occupant entrapment.  Additional emergency alerts included the Sussex County Paramedics, the Sussex County Technical Rescue Team, the Mid Sussex Rescue Squad, and the Delaware State Police Aviation unit. Additional services were requested were initially requested from Millsboro (83) for a rescue assist; however, it was changed to a hazardous material unit assist.  The Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control Hazardous Materials Unit and the Delaware Department of Transportation were also requested.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Rescue 80 and Chief 80-15 from the Oak Orchard location as well as Engine #80-1 from the Long Neck location and the Delaware State Fire Police.

Emergency response crew assignment included vehicle stabilization, assistance with patient stabilization if needed, traffic control, preparation for extrication, initiate fluid and debris recovery, and overall incident mitigation.  The Millsboro Hazardous Material Unit commenced with fluid and debris recovery pending arrival of the DNREC’s Hazard Material Response Unit.  The DELDOT resources were utilized for street-sweepers and sand trucks after vehicles were removed.  Numerous heavy wreckers were utilized for vehicle removal.

It appears that a trash truck was performing it residential trash removal services on Mount Joy Road when a International Stake Body type truck hauling a trailer with directional undergrounding drill equipment collided with Peterbilt dump truck in the vicinity of the trash truck.  The directional drilling equipment was also loaded with oversized container of water on the stake body portion of the truck.  The collision caused extensive damage to both trucks with copious amounts of fluids, (i.e., hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel, water, and many other oils) leaking onto the roadway and nearby surfaces. 

The diesel fuel tanks on the dump trucks were ruptured as was hydraulic lines and the water storage container causing numerous reclamation issues to be necessary.

The occupant of the dump truck was trapped and needed extrication measures for removal from the truck.

The Delaware State Police Aviation units was hoovering overhead but not needed for medical evacuation purposes. The occupants of both construction type trucks were transported to nearby medical facilities.

The Delaware State Fire Police coordinated closure of Mount Joy Road pending arrival of the DELDOT.  Mount Joy Road was closed between Maryland Camp Road and Townsend Road for an extended period of time to permit clean up of the incident.

The Delaware State Police are investigating.

Additional information regarding the incident may be obtained by viewing the following pages: