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Thursday, October 14, 2021
Indian River's Fire Prevention Co-Chairs Retire


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Indian River's Fire Prevention Co-Chair Retire

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company is saddened to announce the retirement of Robert (Bob) Marmor and Roxanne Bammer as the Fire Prevention Coordinators in and for Indian River’s Fire District.

Bob and Roxanne have served the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company with dedication and distinction – above and beyond with their accomplishments over the past 18 months with their promotion of fire prevention and fire safety within Indian River’s fire district. 

Bob possesses a breadth of knowledge regarding fire department operations and has more than 48 years of successful experience in all aspects of fire department operations. Bob has a strong background in fire chief operations, fire department management, emergency management operations, and fire prevention and fire safety strategies. Bob started his volunteer fire service career in 1973 with the Village of Horseheads Fire Department in New York.

Roxanne also possesses a breadth of knowledge in fire suppression, fire safety, and fire prevention and has more than 28 years of experience in the fire service. Roxanne has sustained training and awareness with firefighting, pump operator, apparatus driver, technical rescues, hazardous material operations, and fire prevention. Roxanne started her volunteer fire service career in 1993 with the Coplay Fire Company in Pennsylvania.

Both Bob and Roxanne played an integral part with Indian River’s fire safety and fire prevention program and quickly became widely accepted in Indian River’s community especially in the Long Neck area with their initiatives and chosen responsibilities.

Indian River’s Fire Prevention & Fire Safety statistical information for the past 18 months under the direction of Bob and Roxanne is: 

  • Fire Prevention Committee Man Hours Consumed – 1,816.5 hours

  • Reached 5,625 children

  • Reached 5,152 adults

  • Total person reached 10,777 adults

  • Distributed 1,315 smoke detectors

  • Completed 797 home canvasses after fire incident in specific communities

  • Completed 76 special events / activities during periods of COVID

  • Traveled approximately 4,286 miles within the fire district

Other accolades bestow upon Bob and Roxanne:



The Indian River VFC is extremely appreciative of their devotion and countless hours that have been donated towards this exceptional initiative within our fire district.

Congratulations Bob and Roxanne on your desire to retire!  Best wishes!