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Monday, October 4, 2021
Preparation for 2021 National Fire Prevention Week @ Long Neck Elementary School / Indian River Fire District


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Fire Prevention Cohort Co-Chairs Robert Marmor & Roxanne Bammer

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Preparation efforts for the Long Neck's Fire Prevention Program

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Principal Stephen Lovellette & Robert Marmor, Co-Chair - IR Fire Prevention Cohort

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Sprinkles the Fire Dog

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Indian River's Utility Truck #80-11

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Indian River's Command Unit 80-10

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October 3 thru 9, 2019

Nature: Preparation for 2021 National Fire Prevention Week - Indian River Fire District / Long Neck Elementary School


This week – October 3 thru 9, 2021 is National Fire Prevention Week, and it’s a good time to make sure your home is ready for the colder months but most importantly understanding basic fire safety is crucial and could potentially save your life!  With these concerns in mind, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has announced “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™” as the theme for this year's Fire Prevention Week campaign.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company continues to pursue fire prevention awareness as a significant operational priority and has implemented many new initiatives that will be highlighted on a regular basis via our social media and facebook platforms.

Additionally, the Indian River VFC partners with the Long Neck Elementary School to promulgate instructional and recreational programs for the primary school children; however, the pandemic (COVID-19) has truly altered the delivery of traditional programs method of delivery.  These programs include grade specific instructional and recreational activities that include all grade levels partaking in fire prevention essay and fire prevention drawing contests.

Fire Prevention is not just a week-long process but rather it is a year-round process that should be taken seriously. 

Indian River’s Fire Prevention Committee has worked diligently pursuing an aggressive outreach program to develop a successful fire prevention program which strives to enhance fire safety and fire prevention throughout the fire district amongst all age levels.

As of September 30, 2021, our Fire Prevention Cohort Team has distributed approximately 170 smoke detectors, visited 324 homes, canvassed 286 places, contacted approximately 3,192 people and volunteered 351 hours in Calendar Year 2021 as well as partnered with the American Red Cross to inspect and install working smoke alarms in residential households.  These activities would include homeowners’ association meetings, church meetings, community meetings, special occasion drive-by, and many other activities which have been well received.

In an effort to enhance reading comprehension, promote fire prevention, stop bullying and striving to achieve dreams, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company partnered with Fire Engineering Books & Videos and procured a book for all first and second grades at Long Neck Elementary School, Boys & Girls Club students, and local daycares in our fire district.  This activity would involve reading of the book, presentation, and discussion of the book, providing each student with a copy of the book and a dalmatian fire prevention helmet for them to keep while learning the valuable aspects of fire safety

The book is entitled “Sprinkles the Fire Dog”.

Sprinkles the Fire Dog is an inspirational story about a little puppy from a big city who dreams of one day becoming a fire dog. To achieve that dream, Sprinkles must overcome his physical limitations, the critical corner mutts, and his own self-doubt.

The book’s best-selling author Frank Viscuso and renowned artist and author Paul Combs have served as firefighters for more than 50 combined years. Throughout their careers, they have used their talents to inspire others with their books and teaching. In Sprinkles the Fire Dog, they join forces to bring us a wonderful story that is sure to inspire young children to pursue their dreams, overcome adversity, and fight for what they believe in.

Illustrated herewith is various photographs that illustrate the preparation efforts of the Fire Prevention Cohort for the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company for the Long Neck Elementary School.

These fire prevention packages were prepared for grade specific objectives.  Stephen Lovellette, Principal of the Long Neck Elementary School stated “…the relationships we have built will be the structures that weather the storm.”