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Tuesday, August 10, 2021
AFA / Alarm Sounding - Sterling Blvd - The Peninsula


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Tuesday August, 10 2021 @ 18:59

Nature: Alarm Sounding

Location: 27690 Sterling Blvd., The Peninsula, DE 19966


Automatic Fire Alarm / Alarm Sounding Response

On Tuesday, August 10th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company responded to an automatic fire alarm / alarm sounding incident on Sterling Blvd in the Peninsula off Bay Farm Road.

Emergency response units from Indian River included Engine #80-3 from the Long Neck facility and Tower 80 from the Oak Orchard facility as well as the Delaware State Fire Police. 

Emergency response crews identified the situation as a faulty detector or malfunctioning alarm systems with no visual or audio alarms sounding or any indication there was a concern on the interior of the structure.

The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company utilized the opportunity to deploy the tower and access the second floor of the residential structure to observe the interior conditions of the structure.

Illustrated herewith are photographs of the incident.