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Friday, March 8, 2019
Tips on Making a 911 Emergency Call


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Tips on Making a 911 Emergency Call


Making a 911 call can create stress! Try to remain calm and attempt to provide as much information as necessary regarding the emergency incident you are calling about when asked.


Calling 911 should be the least stressful part of dealing with an emergency. But the act of effectively reporting a crisis is not as simple as just dialing 9-1-1.


What should one do (and say) if you ever need to call 911? Consider these tips:

1.     Try to remain calm. Take a deep breath when you're asked "What is your emergency?" This will help both you and the dispatcher to interact efficiently.


2.    Cell phone or land line? 911 calls from cell phones may not tell or alert the 911 dispatcher where you are. With land lines, however, the address associated with that number will show up on a dispatcher's screen.


3.     Know your location. If you do call 911 from a cell phone, this is crucial and important – to know your location. The more accurate and detailed your location report is, the quicker dispatchers can get emergency crews to answer your call. Describing major cross streets and landmarks can help.


4.    Be aware of your surroundings. This is not only helpful in determining your location, but it's crucial in helping you to describe other victims, the suspects, or other details about the scene.


5.    Don't hang up. You may hear clicking, static, or pauses as the call progresses, but this doesn't mean your call has been dropped.


6.    Let the 911 dispatcher guide the conversation. They are trained in this process and know about pertinent details that are usually required in the given situation.


7.     Be patient. The call may seem to take forever or seem like it's being dragged out, but the dispatcher is most likely typing information into the system while simultaneously alerting services to your whereabouts.