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Friday, February 1, 2019
Prevention & Safety Announcement Initiatives – Long Neck Elementary School


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Friday February, 1 2019

Nature: Prevention & Safety Announcement Initiatives – Long Neck Elementary School

Location: 26064 School Lane, Millsboro


On Friday, February 1st, Indian River’s Fire Prevention Coordinators (Bob Marmor & Roxanne Bammer) reactivated the Prevention & Safety Awareness Bulletin Board at the Long Neck Elementary School.


This initiative will incorporate a number of priorities and messages in order to promote safety and prevention techniques as well as promoting overall awareness.


During, Burn Awareness Week (February 3rd thru 9th, 2019), the Long Neck Elementary School has been provided with specific talking tips and topics that will be incorporated into the student’s daily orientation message as well as refreshed information on the Prevention & Safety Bulletin Board.  Additionally, Indian River’s electronic boards will be modified to include a message of the day concept that highlights such prevention and safety topics as well.


A number of press release articles will be published on our corporate website and facebook pages to highlight specific topics in order to promote attention and awareness.


Bob and Roxanne are excited about these new initiatives.