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Monday, January 31, 2011
NATIONAL BURN AWARENESS WEEK - FEBRUARY 6 – 12, 2011 - Oak Orchard - Long Neck Facilities


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INDIAN RIVER RECOGNIZES NATIONAL BURN AWARENESS WEEK FEBRUARY 6 – 12, 2011) The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company wishes to enhance public awareness with respect to the National Burn Awareness Week during the time period of February 6 thru 12, 2011. The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company desires to acknowledge some facts about fire and burn related injuries: • Burn injuries receiving medical treatment per year average approximately 500,000 people; o Hospitalization for burn injuries per year average: 40,000 people including 25,000 admissions to hospitals with specialized burn centers; o Burn related fatalities per year are approximately 4,000 people; • Burn injury causes: o 46% fire or flame; o 32% scald; o 8% hot object contact; o 4% electrical; o 3% chemical; and o 6% other • Burn injury occurrences: o 43% residential locations; o 17% street or highway locations; o 8% occupational locations; and o 32% other locations. It is proven that very few burn injuries occur at work as compared to residential locations and many burn injuries at home occur as a result of cooking. Other causes such a scald injuries are most prevalent among young children and the elderly. The most common factors involving burns result from the misuse of gasoline as people will use this to inappropriately ignite brush or tra6sh fires in the yard. Burns may also occur as a result of contact with chemicals or electricity as well. Many day to day activities involving burns could be prevented with various precautionary measures such as: • Install working smoke alarms within your residence – outside of each sleeping area and every bedroom as well as on every level of your home; • Replace smoke alarm batteries once a year; • Develop and practice a fire escape plan with at least two ways out of every room; • Secure matches and lighters in locked cabinets away from children; • Develop a “Kid-Free Zone” around your stoves – (i.e., cooking and heating stoves) – minimum three feet distance; • Keep hot foods and liquids away from children; • Secure placement of space heaters away from anything that will burn (i.e., curtains, walls, furniture, paper, improper vent ductwork, etc.); • Set your water heater at 120 degrees; • Wear personal protective gear or clothing when dealing with burn hazards; o Rubber gloves when dealing with chemicals; o Thermal gloves when dealing with steam lines o Eye protection in all situations As a result of the recent fire fatalities over the past twelve months within the fire district of Indian River, as well as, the recent burn incidents over the past month, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company desires to enhance awareness with various public relation initiatives such as: • To continue to offer “FREE” smoke alarm to any residential location within its immediate fire district; • To continue to offer “FREE” battery replacements to any residential location within its immediate fire district; • To continue to collect aluminum cans for recycling and contributes these proceeds to the Burn Center Foundation that supports burn victims and supports various burn center camps; • To continue to support the Delaware Children’s Burn Camp; and • To continue to offer educational awareness to Long Neck Elementary School and the Boys & Girls Club of Oak Orchard/Riverdale. In closing, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company is collaboratively developing a comprehensive Fire Prevention Program with the necessary audio/visual equipment to enhance public awareness that is important to the children of our community, as well as the elderly, and those with hearing and/or physical impairments considering that the majority of this population reside within manufactured homes in our immediate fire district. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (302) 945-2800 or via email at [email protected]