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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Leolga T. (Norwood) Wright Receives Award - Oak Orchard


Patrick Miller & Leolga Wright

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Leolga Wright

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Leolga T. (Norwood) Wright Receives Award The Henry C. Warrington Award is considered a prestigious honor within the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and is intended to emphasize the characteristics that Henry C. or “Clay” portrayed within our community while representing the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company. Henry was a person who was always there to teach and mentor a younger person and bestow upon them his knowledge, skills and abilities. With respect to this year’s nominee – Henry’s jovial personality towards some was past down as well. Henry always enjoyed taking the stroll down memory lane to highlight the milestones that the company and its members had achieved as a brotherhood. Henry was always considerate of his true feelings towards other. Henry was active in the volunteer fire service until the end and never missed the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship with his brother firefighter. This year’s nominee also takes time to embrace camaraderie and regularly joins us to reminisce during the after event size up back at the fire station. This nominee is truly compassionate with respect to a member’s feelings and capabilities. Tonight, this award is intended to highlight the accomplishments and dedication of an active firefighter who has contributed endless amounts of assistance, guidance and devotion to the community for which she now resides and has parlayed approximately 15 years of “actively participating” within the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company as an active member and approximately an additional 16 years of volunteer fire service time as a regular member within our community. This nominee participates in activities of the company on a regular, day to day, basis – including having served in elected and appointed positions and was a “superior” apparatus operator and could assist with repair and maintain any company vehicle or vessel. This nominee is among the top performing volunteers within our community and within the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company. This year’s recipient has held various administrative operating positions such as Board of Director, Treasurer and many Committee assignments. The recipient applied for membership in April 4, 1979 and has been and continues to be a hard-working, dedicated and diligent member and friend of the volunteer fire service…” Remember the characteristics of Henry Clay Warrington: • An active and dedicated volunteer firefighter; • A devoted and diligent public servant; • A friend of many in the volunteer firefighter service; • A confidante to those aspiring to fulfill leadership positions in the company. • A mentor to those aspiring to keep company vehicles and vessels in top notch operating shape as well as always ready for service; and • A mentor to those aspiring to keep family and friends in the forefront of every objective. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the 2010 Recipient of the Henry C. Warrington Award as our comrade, sister firefighter, mentor and a true friend! Please join me in recognizing – Leolga T. Wright Leolga took the opportunity to acknowledge the award and shared a few words that she was truly honored to receive such an award and her family, father - Richard; mother - Janie; brother - Tee would truly be happy for her during this time. All of aforementioned Norwood family members have served within the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and had the distinct honor to know and work with Clay.