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Saturday, October 2, 2010
Oak Orchard Riverdale Fall Festival - American Legion Post #28


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IR Cooking Staff @ Carnival

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IR Ticket Takers

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Oak Orchard-Riverdale Fall Festival was held during the week of September 27th thru October 3rd and was a joint venture with the American Legion Post #28 and the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company. The members of both organizations collaborated and coordinated various activities that included: • Carnival style rides by the Sherwood Amusements; • Fun for the whole family; • Food Court with cooking by both the American Legion and the Indian River auxiliaries; • Beer Garden; • Bar BINGO events; • Hot Dog Eating Contests; and • Many other vendors and activities. The weeklong event was postponed and/or cancelled many evenings because of the various storms that came up the Atlantic coasts; however, Saturday, October 2nd provided for an extremely lucrative day. Both organizations would like to acknowledge the generous support of our organizations, friends and patrons of this event. It was a successful operation and will be returning in the future.