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Saturday, August 28, 2010
Standby Assignment with Alarms - Mill Creek Fire Company - Station #2 and #21


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Saturday August, 28 2010 Nature: Standby Crew – 11 a. – 5 p. Location: Pike Creek Valley Station – Wilmington, DE Address: 4021 Skyline Drive, Pike Creek, Wilm., DE 19808 On Saturday, August 28th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company provided a standby crew (Chief Engineer Jim Wanger, Second Assistant Chief Hayden Klinger, President Patrick Miller, Firefighter Nick Karpin, Firefighter Derek Pry, Firefighter David Perrine)for Mill Creek Volunteer Fire Company during their Firefighter Appreciation Day at their Pike Creek location. Indian River responded to two alarms on behalf of Mill Creek. The first incident was an odor of propane in a residential structure near Stanton Middle School off of Limestone Road. Upon arrival of the fire department, it was determined to have a faulty stove with malfunctioning knobs; therefore, the natural gas was shut off as was the electricity to the stove until further repairs could be completed by certified repair personnel. The second instance was a residential structure and boat fire in the Linden Heights development. During the Firefighter Appreciation Event, members noticed a heavy smoke condition being emitted in the vicinity of their Station 2 location. Shortly thereafter, the New Castle County Fire Board alerted Mill Creek for a working incident. It appears that a homeowner recently brought his vessel home due to faulty operations. The homeowner backed the vessel in the driveway of the residence near his garage area. The residential structure was a two story residential location with a two car attached garage. Apparently, the vessel was leaking fuel inside the vessel causing the automatic bilge pump to activate; thereby, pumping fuel and water onto the ground near the front of the garage. A spark possibly from the bilge pump ignited the fuel fumes and burnt portions of the boat, boat trailer and garage including but not limited to soffit, exterior surfaces, interior surfaces, roof shingles, etc. The homeowner was notified and immediately pulled the vessel and boat trailer away from the structure and utilized his garden hose to attempt to control the incident. Engine #80-3 responded from the Mill Creek Station #2 location and immediately identified the situation and activated the front 1¾ fire suppression trash line to quickly assist the homeowner with his mitigation efforts. Additional ventilation and evaluations were coordinated to determine any extensions with the incident. Engine #80-3 was assisted with a ladder and rescue truck from Mill Creek. The incident was quickly placed under control by the Chief Officer of Mill Creek Fire Company.