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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Longaberger Basket BINGO - Oak Orchard - Main Station


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BINGO Caller - Dpty Chief Hubbs

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 @ 18:00 Nature: Longaberger Basket BINGO Address: Main Station – Oak Orchard, Sussex County, Millsboro, DE On Tuesday evening, August 4th, the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company hosted its Annual Longaberger Basket BINGO event in Oak Orchard, Delaware. This fundraiser is a joint venture between the Ladies Auxiliary and the Members of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and is intended to generate goodwill amongst members as well as needed financial resources for the general operations of the volunteer fire company. The Basket BINGO event basically operates as a traditional BINGO event; however, the prizes awarded are Longberger Baskets in lieu of cash awards. In the event of multiple BINGO during a respective game there are consolation prizes awarded from local business entrepreneurs and community sponsors after a run off. This event is traditionally held during the month of August and has been extremely successful in the past. The Indian River Volunteer Fire Company would like to acknowledge the various corporate and community sponsors as well as the participants of the evening activities. The announcer and BINGO callers during the event were: David G. Blumenthal, Fire Policemen and Company Delegate as well as Brian P. Hubbs, Deputy Chief.