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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Our 2005 Awards Dinner - Station 1, Oak Orchard Road


Our Standby Crew

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Some of the Catering Crew

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Brian Hubbs, 1st Asst. Chief in 2005

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George Bixby, 2nd Asst. Chief in 2005

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Jim Wagner, Chief Engineer in 2005

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Harry Dawson, Asst. Chief Engineer in 2005

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John Swithenbank III, Fire Recorder in 2005

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Roland Walker Jr., Vice President in 2005

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Chere Riordan, Asst. Secretary in 2005

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Ray Collas, Treasurer in 2005

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The 2005 Engineers

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The 2005 Fire Police

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The 2005 Top 10 Responders

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Steven C. Deery Jr., 2005 Firefighter of the Year

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John W. Swithenbank III. 2005 Henry C. Warrington Award

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2006 Administrative Officers

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Elaine Kulp, Linda Cullen, and Jean Moore receive a Special Presentation

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On Saturday, December 10, we held our annual Awards Dinner at Station 1 on Oak Orchard Road. Station 76, Frankford, DE, supplied an Engine and stand-by crew so that our members could enjoy the party without interruption. After a fine dinner prepared by D and K Catering, awards were presented to our 2005 Officers. Our 2006 Officers were introduced to the members and many of the appointments for 2006 were announced. The Firefighter of the Year Award for 2005 was presented to Steven C. Deery Jr. The 2005 Henry C. Warrington Award for fire service was presented to John W. Swithenbank III. Music was provided by Doctor J.