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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Open House and Community Day - Station 1, Oak Orchard Road


The Slaughter Beach Standby Crew

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Tanker 80-4

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Setting Up The Displays

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Special Operations Trailer

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Special Operations Trailer

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1968 Mack Engine

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1968 Mack Engine

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1968 Mack Engine

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Georgetown's Ladder 77

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Steve Snell and Jake Klingler with Sparky

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The Fire Marshal's Display

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Auto Extrication Demonstration

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Auto Extrication Demonstration

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Delaware Agriculture Department

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Fire Prevention Trophy Winners

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Susan & Steven Deery with Sydney

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On Sunday, November 13, we held an Open House and Community Day at our Station 1 on Oak Orchard Road. Memorial Fire Company of Slaughter Beach, Delaware, supplied a standby crew to answer any calls during the event. Most of the equipment of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company was on display as well as a Ladder Tower from the Georgetown Fire Company. Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company brought their Fire Safety and Prevention Trailer for display. Several State agencies including the Fire Marshal's Office, Agriculture Department, and Fish and Wildlife Department set up displays. Sparky, the Fire Dog, made an appearance. An Automobile Extrication Demonstration showed what we do at Motor vehicle Collisions. Trophies were presented to the winners of the Annual Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Contest from the Long Neck Elementary School. Winners in photo are (from left) Third grade - Brianna Czwalina (3rd Place) and Kathleen Mooney (1st Place), Fourth Grade - Ryan Wells (1st Place), and Fifth Grade - Jake Miller (3rd Place), Kristina Harmon (1st Place), and Anna Hoffman (2nd Place). Congratulations to all of the trophy winners and to Mrs. Huff's Third Grade Class, winners of the Mini-Muster.