Tanker 80-4 (Retired)
1986 Mack R Model Tractor with Trailer

The Mack Tractor has a Mack 350 HP diesel engine and a manual transmission. The trailer has a 6000 gallon capacity and a 2000 GPM Hale pump powered by a separate engine. On Friday, June 28, 2013, Tanker 80 was sold and delivered to Gumboro Volunteer Fire Company. Commentary offered by Vice President and Immediate Past Chief Steven C. Deery, Jr. - June,2013... "Chief's, Tanker 80, our 6,000 gallon tanker unit has been sold to the Gumboro VFD and has been delivered on Friday, June 28, 2013 to Fire Chief William Bant and his department. There has been a long line of history within the Indian River Fire Company and our tankers starting out with the old B-52 Mack to the existing one which has been officially labled as "Off Duty". Most can remember Tee Norwood or Leolgla "Norwood" Wright wheeling these units to most of the alarms over the past 40 years. We are saddened that this unit (Tanker 80) is gone; however, not forgotten and we understand what our needs are for today and in the future. We have successfully developed and specified a 7-man Commander Chassis from Rosenbauer. This unit is a 2,500 gallon engine/tanker which will serve our fire district much better as well as assisting our mutual aid departments wherever it is needed. Indian River's new unit should be delivered by early spring of 2014. Thanks again for all the support your departments has given Indian River VFC and we look forward to assisting you when you need us! Steven."